San Diego County Fair- A Festival with a Difference

Summer in San Diego is a hot and eventful time with the marvelously varied sights, sounds and smells of the popular San Diego County Fair. The 26-days-long fair is the fifth largest in North America and San Diego is set for a delightful jamboree this year too. This year, the San Diego County Fair is ... read more

Don’t Miss the Wave House on your San Diego vacation

A trip to the Wave House in San Diego, transports you right into the hub of the Colorful youth culture of this enchanting city. Wave House is a unique entertainment and bar and restaurant complex where commuters can enjoy walking barefoot on the sand under the azure sky. At the Wave House Athletic Club, you ... read more

Fun-filled Non-Stop Excitement at Comic Con International

For aficionados of comics, comic characters, and the arts allied with the world of comics, the Comic Con International is a must attend convention. The Comic Con International is attended by comic professionals wanting to connect with their fans, buyers looking to purchase some comic material, fans wishing to meet their favorite comic creators, and ... read more

Celebrate a festive 4th of July at San Diego

Picnics, day-long beach parties, barbecues, afternoon parades, nightly concerts, and dazzling fireworks, and of course, family gatherings are the norm for any 4th of July celebrations. And San Diego, known for its festive spirit is never a step behind in celebrating America’s proudest day with all merriment. In case you are in San Diego this ... read more