At Coronado Beach………there is nothing called boredom!

Flanked by the San Diego Bay on the one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, the City of Coronado is home to sprawling beaches and awesome tourist attractions. Of all its scenic golden beaches, the Coronado Beach located on the ocean side of Coronado Island is a perfect beach to spend an entire ... read more

Planning a vacation…. Keep your children in mind

So you are planning an affordable family vacation with your kids. But don’t know where to go? After all not all places offer equal entertaining opportunities to both adults and children. And kids wouldn’t want to spend all their time simply sun-bathing, would they? Its best to look for family vacation packages where you can ... read more

Stroll, Sail and Shop in San Diego Embarcadero

Miles and miles of blue water, vintage ships, exciting shops and scenic views. That’s Embarcadero for you! It is one of the most popular and exciting tourist attractions in San Diego. Located on the edge of San Diego harbor, the place promises lots of wonderful activities and opportunities for tourists. Embarcadero is the best place ... read more

Downtown San Diego – An Experience to Remember

The buzzing nerve center of San Diego is its famous Downtown area, a haven for tourists enjoying a San Diego vacation. This whole area offers so many attractions that at times tourists are left wondering what to see first. If you are on a San Diego vacation, you are sure to fall in love with ... read more