Annual Julian Fall Apple Harvest Is Back Again

Fall in San Diego is celebrated with lots of festivals and events. To mark this season, the San Diego Zoo holds its annual birthday celebration and patriotic tributes are paid to the region’s military community through the colorful events of the Fleet Week. Apart from all these, there is one more event that makes Fall in San Diego really special. It is the popular Annual Julian Fall Apple Harvest celebration.

The Julian Fall Apple Harvest is a very popular annual event which has been a bright spot in San Diego’s cultural calendar ever since 1909 when it was first celebrated during Fall. Initially it was held as a single day event but today, Julian Apple Days is a full two month celebration with a variety of daily activities. And during this time hotels in San Diego prosper. As the Fall foliage turns red and gold, communities come together for harvesting the crops and and ovens get busy baking mouth watering pies to satisfy the huge demand for apple pies and homemade cider. Tourists from far away places come here to have a taste of these delicacies. The sweet and fresh aroma of the apple orchards lure thousands to the mountains. Visitors just cannot ignore the fruit stands overflowing with crisp, freshly plucked fruits, homemade cider and other delicacies available on both sides of the roads in the markets.

Apart from the appeal of the Fall foliage and seasonal foods, the art shows, live entertainment shows and quaint antique shops also serve as a big draw for the tourists. Well, the main highlight of this event is that you get to enjoy everything in the scenic and historic mining town of Julian.

This small town in the Cuyamaca Mountains at an elevation of 4,235 feet is a popular destination in San Diego. Here visitors can relax and unwind in the close proximity of nature and soak in the refreshing atmosphere. You can pack a picnic basket and enjoy a full day of picnic with your family and friends here at Julian. You can choose a favorite picnic spot from the many popular locations here such as the Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, Inaja Memorial Picnic Ground, Jess Martin Park, Julian Memorial Park, Menghini Winery and William Heise Park. If you enjoy adventure, you can try your hands at hiking or trekking.

The Annual Julian Fall Apple Harvest takes place from September 15-November 15. Each year, thousands of visitors come to Julian and this year too the enthusiasm is palpable. If you are determined not to miss the event this year, book your rooms in an affordable hotel in San Diego in advance.

California Suites Hotel provides unbeatable discounts which enables you to budget your stay in a hotel in San Diego easily and you can spend the money you save on your accommodation on enjoying the festival. Come to Annual Julian Fall Apple Harvest and celebrate the event in true style by staying at California Suites Hotel which is located close to San Diego’s other main attractions as well.


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