Benefits of Suites for Business and Honeymoon Stays

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Every employee who has been sent out on a business trip or a newly-wed couple, who wants to spend time together after a happy yet very tiring wedding day, would often go for hotels that offer serene comfort. Although their need of calmness and serenity are totally different, the desire for coziness is almost always the same.

The couple of days or weeks spent away from home plus the inability to be with their family or loved ones can all add up to a very stressful business trip. On the other hand, the stress from all the wedding planning and post-wedding partying only make the couple crave for a luxurious yet easy on the pocket kind of short vacation.

San Diego couple
New York’s Times Square Couple


Why spend thousands of dollars on rooms in some high rise hotel when you can find the same experience in Suite Hotels? Apart from security and relaxation, suite hotels are perfect for business and honeymoon stays for these very reasons:

  • Corporate Rooms and Honeymoon Room Rates. The complimentary breakfast buffet that come with every room accommodation makes everything oh-so-perfect! Business travellers and honeymooners alike would always look into how much more they can get from less. These special room rates with free breakfast meals give travellers true value for their money.


  • Express Check-in and Check-out Counters. Time is of the essence when you are travelling. Whether for business or for honeymoon, you want to make sure that you make good use of your time by the minute, and this is what these express suite hotel counters are for. You can easily get the room that you need and check-in in a matter of minutes. Special requests may even be made through phone.


  • Internet Connection. Suite hotels provide every room with Wi-Fi connection, because they understand its importance for those on a business travel. It allows them to make reports and send them at any given time of the day. Likewise, those who are on a honeymoon would like to keep in touch with family and friends in social media. Everyone loves to read updates about how fun the trip is. Wi-Fi in the rooms saves business travellers and honeymooners a huge amount of money from doing international calls.


  • The Hotel SPA experience. Every hotel has got its own amenities to boast of, but a suite hotel is known for the hotel SPA experience that it offers. After spending hours lined up in the airport, air travel and waiting for the baggage to arrive, all that a traveler wants is peace and quiet and a nice whole body massage to come with. You don’t have to go out of your hotel to get exactly this. When you check in at California Suites Hotel, you can even get this as a room service offer.


Some people say there is nothing like the comforts of the home, but California Suites Hotels say otherwise. When you’ve got California Suites as an option during travel, there will be less longing for the comforts of home. Instead, you will find yourself loving every minute that you are away because your hotel suite feels just like home.