Get enthralled with jazz music in San Diego in November

Is music the food for your soul? Do you find Jazz music invigorating? Then come to the Town & Country Resort Hotel & Convention Center, San Diego, to attend the Dixieland Jazz Festival from 23rd to 27th November, 2011.

Dixieland Jazz Festival is extremely popular for Jazz lovers around the world. World renowned musician will land in San Diego in November to enthrall guests with soulful music and some dance. You can take in the sounds of traditional Jazz, Dixieland jazz and swing style music. In other words, Dixieland Jazz Festival has got a wide variety of Jazz music to soothe everyone’s ears. There will be concert rooms or large auditoriums with double dance floors where you can jive to great music. Besides there will be smaller rooms where you can enjoy music in a peaceful, private setting.

More than 15 bands will perform at the event. You can listen to various musicians and bands such as Dixie express jazz band, Dave Bennett quartet, Heliotrope ragtime orchestra, Katie cavera, Tex wyndham, Yerba buena stompers, Stephanie trick and more.

Almost all the bands performing at the jazz festival will offer recordings for sale. Go, grab a copy of your favorite artists’ recordings and festival souvenirs as well. Light snacks and drink will be available at the Convention Center and smoking is not allowed at the event.

Since this Jazz festival lasts for 5 days, consider a San Diego accommodation from where Town and Country Resort and Convention Center is nearby so you can commute easily.
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For more than 25 years, music lovers come to San Diego to experience the joy of traditional Jazz music. It is 5 days of pure entertainment and blissful music with incredible musicians. After all Dixieland Jazz Festival is not called ‘the crown jewel of jazz festivals’ by the die-hard Jazz fans just like that. Therefore do not miss it on your San Diego vacation!

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