Know What to Pack for San Diego

All set for an affordable family vacation package in San Diego? But have you decided what all you would need in San Diego?

Here is a list of important items to bring along on your vacation to San Diego.

  1. San Diego normally remains warm. So don’t forget to carry sun screen lotion to prevent sunburn and tanning. And sunglasses are a must in San Diego.
  2. Keep binoculars handy, especially if you’re in town during whale-watching season from December to March.
  3. While the weather is great in San Diego; evenings get cold, even in summer, so carry along a light sweater or a jacket.
  4. Bring along comfortable walking shoes for sightseeing and lots of walking on the stunning beaches.
  5. San Diego has miles and miles of amazing beaches. Carry your camera, lots of film rolls, and extra batteries to take wonderful pictures. While traveling put your undeveloped film in your carry-on baggage, as the x-rays of screening equipments for checked luggage can damage undeveloped film.
  6. No matter which place you are headed to, always carry your medications in your carryon bag in case of some emergency.
  7. Although San Diego has lots to offer to children but if your kids still insist, let them bring their own backpack of toys and books.
  8. Don’t forget to carry along your charger to keep your cell phone alive.

Planning ahead will greatly reduce the chances of you forgetting any key items. One good travel packing tip is to jot down items that you have to carry along and keep it close to the suitcase you are filling. And have all your bookings for hotels or rentals in San Diego confirmed on the net in order to avoid any trouble later on.

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