San Diego in December is Packed with Delightful Events

As the holiday season begins and the month of December brings with it the holiday spirits and the reasons to celebrate; the city of San Diego would be buzzing with so many events and activities. San Diego hosts a number of popular events during the month of December.

One such popular event is the San Diego Bay Parade of Lights. It is an elaborate and spectacular boat parade of lights you have never seen before. Though lots of boat displays take place in California, the San Diego Bay Parade of Lights beats all of them.

Boats, yachts, lights and the open sea, this is what this colorful annual event is all about. It takes place on the 13th and 20th December of 2009, just a week after the enchanting December Nights in Balboa Park, and begins with sparkling fireworks. Imagine how enchanting it would look when over 100 boats would bob on the water, decked in holiday lights and Christmas themes.

These boats travel past Embarcadero, Coronado, Harbor Island, Convention Center, Seaport Village and others. To get the best access to events, stay in some budget motel in San Diego preferably located right in the heart of San Diego, close to all these destinations. Come up to the north and south ends of the Embarcadero to catch the best view of the boats or the pathway along Coronado as they are comparatively less crowded.

December Nights in Balboa Park is of course, is a complete package for the whole family – an event full of dazzling lights and so many entertaining musical performances. Held in the first week of December, it brings alive theatrical presentations, offers sumptuous culinary delights from different countries and delightful rides for children.

Besides, you can also catch up on other December events in San Diego such as the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl Parade or go for shopping in downtown San Diego. After all, shopping during Christmas is not just about buying but is more of a social outing.

In order to fully enjoy all these events, stay in a budget motel in San Diego which is located nearby to Balboa Park and other destinations. California Suites Hotel is one of the leading budget hotels located right in the heart of San Diego. From the hotel, you can commute easily to all these destinations and enjoy these colorful events to the maximum. The city of San Diego surely knows how to celebrate the year’s end and welcome the new year with a bang.

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