Stroll, Sail and Shop in San Diego Embarcadero

Miles and miles of blue water, vintage ships, exciting shops and scenic views. That’s Embarcadero for you! It is one of the most popular and exciting tourist attractions in San Diego. Located on the edge of San Diego harbor, the place promises lots of wonderful activities and opportunities for tourists. Embarcadero is the best place ... read more

The Fusion Cuisine of San Diego

The mouth-watering variety of cuisines in San Diego is one of the biggest attractions for tourists here. Given this bustling city’s penchant for bringing about a fusion of cultures, due to its ever-increasing popularity among tourists from all regions and ethnicities, San Diego has become place for food lovers too. San Diego offers a perfect ... read more

Hula-Hoop & Feather-balancing At Circus Vargas -The Big One In San Diego

Time to watch some hula-hooping and feather-balancing as the exciting Circus Vargas – The Big One is back in San Diego to entertain the audience. The event which kicked off on 10th February will go on till 11th April, 2011 at various San Diego locations, including Del Mar Fairgrounds, Balboa Park, National City, El Cajon, ... read more

Whale Watching in San Diego – An Exhilarating Experience

December through April every year, San Diego is witness to a unique natural phenomenon as the biggest annual migration of mammals over the longest distance takes place to reach the San Diego shores. Yes, we are talking about the peaceful “giants of the sea”, the whales, who travel a 5,000-mile southern journey to leave behind ... read more