Take a Stroll, Surf and Party All Night at Pacific Beach

Rocking nightlife, tanned bodies, bars, restaurants and lots of adventure; that’s Pacific Beach for you!

Nestled between La Jolla in the north and Mission Beach in the south, Pacific Beach enjoys immense popularity with youngsters in San Diego. Fondly called ‘PB’ by local residents here, Pacific Beach has the most rocking nightlife of all the beaches in San Diego.

With a chain of clubs, beachside bars, pubs, dance spots and lounges, Pacific Beach offers a heady concoction of fun and entertainment to make you forget your worries and just soak yourself in the merriment.

At the Pacific Beach, there is no dearth of bars and clubs buzzing with activity and where you can hang out with the cool crowd and rock the night away. Hanging out at the coffee house is popular pastime here. Have your favorite drink, chat up even with strangers and enjoy the amazing artwork at the cafes.

If you had had enough of drinking and partying, check out the great sporting options here. You can play beach volleyball, or go rollerblading, surfing, or simply stroll along the P.B. boardwalk. It is one of the best pleasures of Pacific Beach.

And finally, can one do without shopping? Well, Pacific Beach won’t leave you disappointed. Check out the shopping district at the beach side which is full of clothing stores, salons, and retail stores. You can browse and shop for some wonderful stuff here.

If you want to enjoy Pacific Beach and its wonderful nightlife as much as you can during your San Diego vacation, stay in a good lodging in San Diego that is near the beach so that you can commute easily.

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Come to San Diego’s Pacific Beach and enjoy what life has to offer, minus the worries!

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