Visiting San Diego….. know when is the right time

Quite often people travel to places without finding out what’s the weather like in the place they are going to visit. Although San Diego is in California and is known for a pleasant weather, but it does sometimes rain, especially in winter.

Everyone heads to San Diego during peak vacation season. But if you are looking to save a bit of money and yet have a super family vacation, try to be a little off-beat. At off-peak season in San Diego , rentals are also more pocket-friendly and you can pick up some very affordable vacation packages. Generally, hotel rooms are cheaper in January, February, March, October and November.

If you are going to San Diego during the rainy season look for lodgings that are near to your places of interest. Besides, you need to do your pack accordingly.

November – February
It’s a rainy season. So if you are planning to tour the place during this time of the year, don’t forget to carry your woolens, rain jacket and an umbrella.

March – April
Though it’s the dry time of the year, at times winter rains do extend into these months.
It’s spring time. So, expect breathtakingly beautiful blooming trees and flowers at their best.
Carry long-sleeved shirts and sweaters, in case it rains, else short sleeves dresses.

May – June
It’s pretty warm during this time of the year. No fear of rains. Mid-weight jacket, Short-sleeved shirts, skirts and light weight pants are suitable for this season.

June – August
Much warmer days
Though evenings can get cool because of sudden appearance of fog.
Shorts for daytime and jacket, sweatshirts and long pants for evenings.

September – October
It’s a pleasant season with clear days. Chances of rain are quite little. Carry short-sleeved shirts, shorts, light weight pants, dresses and skirts.

You can check out various San Diego motels, lodgings, or rentals on the internet, offering affordable vacation packages. No matter what season you are planning to visit San Diego, keep few things in mind. Pack comfortable casual clothing, good walking shoes and of course a camera.

Evenings near the ocean can get quite cool even in summer; so make sure to bring a sweater or a jacket. I hope this information helps you plan out your vacation accordingly.

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