Wild Animal Park – A Delight for Nature Lovers

When it comes to the San Diego Zoo, it is simply a smorgasbord of exotic and endangered mammals, birds, and reptiles collected from different parts of the world.

The popularity of the place is such that almost all the San Diego vacation packages include a trip to the San Diego Zoo. Apart from the animals and birds, there is another major attraction associated with the San Diego Zoo – it is the 1,800-acre  Wild Animal Park.

This expansive wildlife sanctuary operated by the Zoological Society of San Diego, is home to more than 3,500 animals of 429 different species. Established in 1969 as a breeding facility for the San Diego Zoo, the Wild Animal Park soon established its own identity for its endangered species breeding programs of animals such as pandas, tree kangaroos, clouded leopards, gavials and Tasmanian devils.

Another noteworthy feature of the Wild Animal Park is its beautiful landscape covered with more than 6,500 species of exotic plants. In these beautiful surroundings, you get a rare chance to see animals lounging in their natural habitat. The tigers found here are not inside a cage but are roaming within a well-protected open area. Visit the Lion Camp to see Africa’s biggest cat face to face.

If you love adventure, take the hot air balloon, Balloon Safari tour to see the scenic views of the Wild Animal Park from above. There is also this Photo Caravan Safaris that are organized in open-air trucks for an intimate adventure tour inside the Wild Animal Park. This tour allows the nature lovers and photographers to take close-up snaps of the animals that roam around here freely.

Other major highlights of the park are a colorful exhibition of endangered North American species, a 32-acre African safari walk through various African and Asian habitats, and an area where you can feed the lorikeets with your hand.

If you are coming to San Diego for holiday, make sure you include a trip to San Diego Zoo in your itinerary. Due to its close proximity to the San Diego Zoo, California Suites Hotel is the perfect lodging in San Diego for you to enjoy the Zoo.

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